FAQ – How to Pay?

How to Pay?

We accept payments via Credit Card and Instant EFT through the PayFast payment gateway.

PayFast handles payments on our behalf, much the same as a speed point or credit card machine processes transactions in a conventional store.

PayFast is able to process international VISA and MasterCard transactions.

We completely outsource the payment mechanism through the secure PayFast system. This means you will temporarily leave our site and be transferred to PayFast’s secure website where the transaction will take place. Delia Textiles never stores any of your sensitive credit card or banking details. We simply get notification from PayFast that the transaction was successful, whereafter we will pack and ship our purchases.

No credit card? No worries! PayFast will also be able to process an Instant EFT payment. Contrary to traditional bank transfers, there is no two day waiting period for fund clearance with PayFast Instant EFT. The funds are cleared immediately, as long as you bank with one of the four major South African Banks. No need to send us proof of transfer – PayFast transfers the funds immediately. This means we can ship your purchases  sooner, since there is no two day waiting period for the funds to reflect in our account. It’s instant with PayFast Instant EFT.

If you’ve never used PayFast before, you will be asked to create a PayFast Account. This is a once-off, quick and easy process. Once you’ve created a PayFast account, you may use it to pay on any of the thousands of other online shopping sites using PayFast.

If you already have a PayFast account, you know the drill already – simply log in and process your payment!

Find out more about PayFast on their comprehensive website: www.payfast.co.za

There is also a conventional Bank Transfer payment method. After you’ve placed your order, and selected Bank Transfer, we will provide you with our banking details on the order confirmation page, as well as in an Order Received confirmation email. We will process your order as soon as the funds reflect in our bank account. Remember to use your order number as your payment reference.

If you need further assistance, please Contact Us.

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